Hanes “Gentlemen Prefer” ~ Pantyhose Adverts [1973-1984]

“Gentlemen Prefer Hanes”
These unashamedly awful Hanes pantyhose adverts date from between 1973-84. Each one features a man leering at another woman’s legs whilst out with his wife or girlfriend. I don’t know about them being gentlemen, more like creepymen!

Magic Shaving Powder ~ Shaving Adverts [1964-1981]

“She’ll flip with your cool magic.”
These ads for Magic Shaving Powder and Magic After Shave Cream by Carson date between 1964-81.

National Girobank ~ Adverts [1982-1984]

“Free record token when you open an account.”
These ads for National Girobank are from 1982-84. The account was for 15 to 19 year olds and offered record tokens as an incentive to open an account.

Barclays Bank “Supersavers Club” ~ Adverts [1982-1985]

“Add a little excitement to your interest.”
These ads for the children’s Supersavers account from Barclays Bank are from 1982-85. The ads were aimed at teenagers.

Midland Bank “Griffin Savers” ~ Adverts [1984-1985]

“New Griffin Savers Account has a lot to offer young savers.”
This Midland Bank advert is from 1984-85. I had the Griffin Savers Account myself and still have the dictionary and pencil case somewhere!

NatWest “On Line Account” ~ Adverts [1986-1987]

“Isn’t it time you replaced your piggy bank?”
These graphic design style ads for NatWest banks On Line account are from 1986-87. The account was aimed at teenagers.

NatWest “Ade Edmonson” ~ Adverts [1987]

“Not everyone Ade Edmonson met was a complete and utter b…”
Young Ones character Vivian, played by comedian Ade Edmonson, advertised for Natwest bank in 1987 (print & TV).

Debbie Gibson “Natural Wonder Cosmetics” ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Pretty was never so pure.”
These ads for Natural Wonder Cosmetics by Revlon are from 1988-90, during which time Debbie Gibson was spokeswoman.

Debbie Gibson “Electric Youth” Perfume ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Electric Youth – The electric fragrance!”
These ads for Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” perfume are from 1989-90. It was produced by Revlon and distributed by Natural Wonder Cosmetics, which Debbie Gibson advertised between 1988-90.

Wella “Shockwaves” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1986]

“Send out Shockwaves.”
These hair product ads for Shockwaves by Wella are from 1986.

17 Cosmetics “Real Girls Wear” ~ Adverts [1986]

“Real girls wear 17 Cosmetics.”
These ads for 17 Cosmetics by Boots are from 1986.

17 Cosmetics “Looks Even Better On A Girl”~ Adverts [1985]

“Looks even better on a girl.”
These ads for 17 Cosmetics by Boots are from 1985.

Ever Ready “Gold Seal” ~ Battery Adverts [1985-1986]

“Go Go Go Gold Seal”
These fantastic collage ads for Every Ready “Gold Seal” batteries date from 1985-86.

Boutique Dress Shops, Tampa Bay ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Unique clothing for women of distinction.”
This fine selection of boutique dress shop ads are from Tampa Bay Magazine, dating between 1986-88.

Men At C&A ~ Menswear Adverts [1983-1986]

“Where value is always in fashion.”
These C&A menswear ads are all from UK teen music magazine Smash Hits, dating from 1983-86.

Clock House At C&A ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“No matter how fast the fashion trends change, Clockhouse keeps you right in style.”
These C&A “Clock House” womenswear ads are all from UK teen music magazine Smash Hits, dating from 1983-85.

Young C&A ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Great fashion just for you at Young C&A.”
These C&A ads for “10 To Teens” and “Girls In Style” childrenswear are all from UK teen music magazine Smash Hits, dating from 1984-86.

Woolworths ~ Music Adverts [1982]

“Woolworth Record Blitz”
These adverts for Woolworths are all from 1982.

John Menzies ~ Chart Music Adverts [1983-1986]

“For people who appreciate music…and money.”
This style of black and white ad for John Menzies chart music ran from 1983-86.

The Machine Knitting Book by John Allen [1985]

“How to design and create beautiful garments on your knitting machine.”
The Machine Knitting Book by John Allen was published in 1985 and featured a wealth of highly dubious jumpers.

Canadian Mist “Mist Behaving” ~ Whisky Adverts [1988-1993]

“A tantalising touch. Proper behaviour when it’s just the two of you.”
Canadian Mist’s “Mist Behaving” campaign ran from 1988 to 1993.

Canadian Mist “Misting” ~ Whisky Adverts [1977-1988]

“Get in the feeling. Go Misting.”
Canadian Mist’s “Misting” campaign ran from around 1977 to 1985. There was even matching his and hers caftans, jumpsuits, walking sticks and zodiac pendants!

Technics CD & Cassette Players ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1980-1986]

“A slight improvement on perfection.”
These Technics CD and cassette player ads date from 1980-86. They are all very sci-fi with dark backgrounds, moonscapes, lasers and grids.

General Electric ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1985-1986]

“No one lets you experience the Power of Music like General Electric.”
These General Electric portable cassette player and hi-fi ads date from 1985-86. Red-Hot-Power!

Toshiba Cassette Players ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1983-1987]

“This deck is loaded.”
These little b/w Toshiba cassette player ads date from 1983-87. Auto-reverse. Twin deck. Graphic equalizers. Anti-roll. What more could you want?

Chuck Norris “Action Jeans” ~ Adverts [1977-1991]

“The Secret? It’s in the crotch.”
Action Jeans (aka Kickin’ Jeans) were produced by Century Martial Arts from 1977 to 1991 and endorsed by Chuck Norris from 1981.

Kmart Kids Clothing ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Kmart. Yes. Kmart.”
These ads for Kmart kids clothing are all from 1987.

Toy Kitchen Sets ~ Catalogues [1960’s-1980’s]

“She’ll wash clothes, run water, turn knobs! Busy, busy in her Frigidaire kitchen! It’s all pink… and just her size!”
From mothers little helpers to mini gourmet chefs, here’s a collection of toy kitchen sets from 1962 to 1989.