All Ways “911” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1992-1993]

“Space age results!”
These ads for All Ways “911” emergency hair care products are from 1992-93. Because outer space can play havoc with your hair-do.

Category: Hair

Canadian Mist “Mist Behaving” ~ Whisky Adverts [1988-1993]

“A tantalising touch. Proper behaviour when it’s just the two of you.”
Canadian Mist’s “Mist Behaving” campaign ran from 1988 to 1993.

Category: Alcoholic Drinks

Capari ~ Cigarette Adverts [1991-1993]

“You’ve got a taste for style!”
This ad campaign for Capari cigarettes dates from 1991-93.

Category: Smoking

Capari ~ Cigarette Adverts [1994]

“There’s no slimmer way to smoke.”
This ad campaign for Capari “Super Slim” and “Ultra Light” cigarettes dates from 1994.

Category: Smoking

Catalogue Santa’s [1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s & 1990’s]

Just enough time to squeeze one more Christmas related post, featuring creepy life-like Santa masks, fake fire places and festive piñatas found in a selection of US seasonal catalogues.

Category: Christmas

Children’s Character Costume Sewing Patterns [1980’s-1990’s]

With Halloween just a few days away, I thought it would be fun to look up some 1980’s & 1990’s TV, toy and movie based fancy dress sewing patterns. They range from fun to the down right bizarre!

Category: Childrenswear / Category: Toys & Games

Children’s Fancy Dress Patterns [1970’s-1990’s]

“Costumes galore!”
Wondering what to dress up for Halloween this year? Look no further!

Category: Crafts / Category: Halloween

Coca Cola ~ Soda Adverts [1992] “Refreshing The Olympic Spirit”

“Refreshing The Olympic Spirit”
These three ads were part of Coca Cola’s 1992 Olympics ad campaign, which they have sponsored since 1928.

Category: Soft Drinks

Intarsia Cartoon Sweater Knitting Patterns [1980s-1990’s]

During the 1980’s-1990’s, Intarsia (a UK based company) produced over one hundred super cool knitted jumper patterns of cartoon TV characters (plus a few non-cartoon characters too). They are out of print these days, but still circulate on the second-hand market.

Category: Childrenswear

Kenya Doll by Tyco ~ Adverts [1990’s]

“The beautiful hairstyling doll.”
These Kenya doll adverts by Tyco are from 1992-95.

Category: Toys & Games

Kids Cereals [1980’s-1990’s]

Television, toys, games and movie cereals from the 1980’s-90’s. Mmm, artificially flavoured goodness! Oooh, and apparently peanut better and chocolate-flavoured crispy sweetened 2-grain cereal is E.T.’s favourite flavours…

Category: Food

Machine Knitting Chic ~ Craft Magazine [1990]

“Elegant. Sporty. Excellent.”
This edition of Machine Knitting Chic was published in 1990 (no.5, £1.75) and included 30 over-ornamented jumpers with such wide shoulder that getting though doors must have taken some consideration.

Category: Womenswear

Misty ~ Cigarette Adverts [1990-1997]

“Fashionably inexpensive!”
These ads for Misty cigarettes date from 1990-97 and were aimed at twenty-something women.

Category: Smoking

Musical Instruments in Catalogues [1960’s to 1990’s]

“Get in on the swinging sound!”
Here’s a selection of images featuring children playing musical instruments from various catalogues dating from 1970-90’s.

Category: Music / Category: Toys & Games

Retro Geometrics [1980’s-1990’s]

Today I have been mostly looking at 1980’s – 1990’s retro geometric patterns in fashion. Now my eyes hurt…

Category: Childrenswear

Salem ~ Cigarette Adverts [1989-1992]

Fresh On The Scene
These Salem cigarette adverts are from 1989-92. The chaps appear to be “getting fresh” with the ladies in these ads to mixed responses!

Category: Smoking

Specially For Little Girls – Twinkle Annuals [1970’s-2000’s]

Twinkle was one of my favourite girls comics when I was little, I even named one my two childhood cats after her (the other cat was named “Tammy” after my other favourite comic). Here are all the annual covers from 1970 to 2003. I love the early cover designs best with the plain coloured backgrounds, white circle behind Twinkle and black text.

Category: Books

Swatch Watch ~ Adverts [1980’s-1990’s]

“Switch To Swatch!”
These Swatch Watch ads are from 1983 to 1995. Swatch are still going strong to this day, with many designs which look straight out of the eighties!


Swatch Watch ~ Geometric Designs [1980’s-1990’s]

Swatch (from Swiss Watch) began production in 1983. Below are my favourite geometric/graphic designs designs from 1983-1993. They started off quite plain, but by 1988 they had got really bold!
At the bottom of the page are my favourite Pop Swatch designs from 1988-1993. They first made an appearance in 1987 with a plain strap and face, and became more fancy the following year.


Virginia Slims ~ Cigarette Adverts [1990-1994]

“You’ve come a long way baby.”
These ads for Virginia Slims cigarettes date from 1990-94 and began the first real change in style since the 1970’s.

Category: Smoking