Retro Musings

Retro Musings includes magazine adverts and catalogue scans from 1930's to 1990's, plus anything else which takes my fancy (like LP covers and knitting patterns). I also share some of the delights I find in charity shops.

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Latest Additions

Tron ~ See Hear Read

I found this book today in a charity shop (25p) and it bought back memories of reading Back To The Future over and over accompanied by my brick-like cassette player (much like the one featured on the back of this book). Unfortunately the Tron book no longer had the cassette tape, but due to the wonders of the internet I found a digital copy. Some of these movie based books used photos from the actual film, whereas this one is illustrated.

Small World by Avon [1970’s]

“Loveable. Collectable. That’s Avon’s Small World!”
Christmas of 1970, Avon began to produce an adorable line of cosmetics and bath items for girls called “Small World”. It was based on Disney’s “It’s A Small World” ride, with characters designed by Mary Blair.

Fur-tastic Bathroom Accessories of the 1970’s

Welcome madam, sir! Looking for some dubiously unhygienic fur coverings for your bathroom furniture? Well, step back into the 1970’s, you’ve come to the right place!

Nice To See You, To See You Nice – The Generation Game Board Game [1970’s]

I stumbled across this delightful selection of boardgames in the 1976 Argos catalogue, which I was browsing (as you do). I was immediately captivated by Brucie’s little smiling face and had to learn more!

Lee Can Change Your Image – Adverts [1970’s]

This set of Lee publicity shots from 1971 featured manly poses whilst wearing a lion’s head. Just a little bit bizarre.

Get A Leg Up With Lee – Adverts [1970’s]

One up in style.
These adverts are from 1971-72 and feature some fantastic text (as well as some fantastic trousers). All the chaps sit defiantly with one leg draped over the arm of their large ornate throne-like chairs, showing of their modern breeches and manhood at the same time.

Children’s Character Watches [1980’s]

Here is a collection of children’s character watches and clocks shown in various US Christmas catalogues from 1980-89 (found on Wishbook). I love the over-sized Strawberry Shortcake wall wrist watch clock!

Children’s Character Clothing ~ Catalogues [1980’s]

Here is a collection of children’s character clothing shown in various US Christmas catalogues from 1980-89 (found on Wishbook). The clothing was mainly t-shirts and sweater/sweat pant sets. I love the poses the kids are pulling in some of these images!

The Great Pantyhose Crafts Books [1982 & 1985]

“Recycle old pantyhose into dolls, wall hangings, musical boxes, holiday decorations, and much more!”
The Great Pantyhose Crafts Book by Ed & Stevie Baldwin was published in 1982, followed by it’s eagerly awaited sequel, More Great Pantyhose Crafts, in 1985.

Children’s Character Sleeping Bags & Tents [1970’s-1990’s]

Following on from my post about character bedding, I decided to look into character sleeping bags and tents. These images are from various US Christmas catalogues dating from 1974-92.

Children’s Character Bedding [1970’s-1980’s]

Following on from my post about 1980’s character nightwear, I decided to look into character bedding. These images are from various US Christmas catalogues dating from 1974-86.

Children’s Character Nightwear ~ Catalogues [1980’s]

I fancied collating the character nightwear from the 1980’s Sears, Montgomery Ward and JCPenney Christmas catalogues over at Wishbook, and this is the result!

Ladybird Books “Well Loved Tales” [1960’s & 1970’s]

There were 27 titles in the original series “Well Loved Tales” (6O6D, Easy Reading), which were produced between 1964 to 1974 with a hardback matt cover. In 1979 Ladybird began to completely redesigned the series with new illustrations throughout and adding several new stories.

Retro Geometrics [1980’s-1990’s]

Today I have been mostly looking at 1980’s – 1990’s retro geometric patterns in fashion. Now my eyes hurt…

Dick Schory and The Percussive Art Ensemble “Re-purcussion” [1950’s]

Today’s musical delights are brought to you by Dick Schory and The Percussive Art Ensemble with Re-Percussion from 1957. It’s everything the cover implies it is!

Wembley Ties ~ Adverts [1940’s-1950’s]

“For me who have modern fashion ideas.”
These adverts for Wembley’s bold patterned ties are from 1948-51.

La Bum Bum Gang [1980’s]

As random toy finds go, this tickled all the right spots (a-hem)! Bum Bum Gang was a Russian Roulette balloon game by Giochi Preziosi, made in the late 1980s in Italy.

Seven-Up “Float” Adverts [1950’s-1960’s]

“Boys like girls who make Seven Up Floats!”
These Seven-Up “Float” adverts date between 1952 and 1963. Yummy!

Vitamins For Pep! – Kellogg’s Adverts [1930’s]

In 1939, Kellogg’s ran a series of comic strip style adverts topped with a photo for their whole-wheat breakfast cereal Pep, featuring the classic line “So the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks”. I got to get me some Pep!

Baker’s Coconut: Animal Cakes ~ Adverts [1961-1962]

“I never saw anyone hoot for an owl until Baker’s Coconut!”
These wonderful wacky animal cakes are from Baker’s Coconut 1961-62 “I never saw” Angel Flakes advertising campaign. I’ll take the pink elephant one please!

Music For Gracious Living ~ Peter Barclay and his Orchestra [1950’s]

In 1955, record company Columbia released a set of five LP’s featuring the instrumental stylings of Peter Barclay and his Orchestra. The technicolour cover photographs encapsulate the ideal American family in a wonderfully cheesy/creepy way, and the back covers were full of helpful hints and even recipes to help make every occasion perfect.

Cutter Cravat Artist Originals ~ Adverts [1950’s]

These adverts for Cutter Cravat Artist Originals are from the early 1950’s.

Lustre Creme “Pink Is For Girls” ~ Adverts [1960’s]

These yummy pink Lustre Creme shampoo adverts from 1967-68 feature some very 60’s geometrics.

Now, Pudding Is… – Jell-O Adverts [1960’s]

In 1967-68, Jell-O (owned by General Food Corp.) created a series of adverts for their Pudding & Pie Fillings range. Each advert featured a different pudding with recipe.

Pink Champagne for Dancing [1960’s]

This weeks Sunday lounge listening is “Pink Champagne for Dancing” (vol.2) by Lloyd Mumm and His Starlight Roof Orchestra [1962]. Enjoy!

Pond’s “Angel Face” ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“Now! You can change your skin tone to look lovely in any fashion colour.”
Pond’s “Angel Face” adverts from 1960-61 featured striking double head shots of models wearing contrasting colours.

Munsingwear ~ Adverts [1940’s]

From around 1939 to 1945, Munsingwear produced some spectacular photo story style adverts for their men’s underwear range. There’s lots of semi-clothed chaps gaily (a-hem) posturing in their lovely stretchy-bottomed under garments, whilst gently ribbing each others choice of vest. There’s also a lot of pointing. And bending over.

Specially For Little Girls – Twinkle Annuals [1970’s-2000’s]

Twinkle was one of my favourite girls comics when I was little, I even named one my two childhood cats after her (the other cat was named “Tammy” after my other favourite comic). Here are all the annual covers from 1970 to 2003. I love the early cover designs best with the plain coloured backgrounds, white circle behind Twinkle and black text.