Latest Additions

Fresh ~ Deodorant Adverts [1946-1951]

“Be lovely to love.”
These ads for Fresh deodorant are from 1946-51. The design changed very little over the years, always featuring a kissing couple wearing glamorous evening attire.

Mum ~ Deodorant Adverts [1945-1946]

“It isn’t your necklace they’ll notice, pet!”
These illustrated Mum deodorant adverts are from 1945-46.

Etiquet ~ Deodorant Adverts [1943]

“Should a Marine kiss a girl with his hat on?”
These ads for Etiquet antiseptic deodorant cream date from 1943.

Stopette ~ Deodorant Adverts [1950-1956]

“One poof is all the proof you need!”
These ads for Stopette deodorant are from 1950-56.

Body Mist ~ Deodorant Adverts [1970-1975]

“The one anti-perspirant that’s right for every woman”
These Body Mist deodorant adverts are from 1970-75.

Veto ~ Deodorant Adverts [1957]

“Double check your charm every day.”
These Veto deodorant ads are all from 1957.