Latest Additions

Schick ~ Christmas Shaving Adverts [1950-1958]

“Smooth new idea for her Christmas stocking!”
These Christmas themed shaving adverts by Schick date from 1950-58.

Norelco & Remington ~ Christmas Shaving Adverts [1954-1959]

“If Santa Claus shaved, this is what he’d use!”
Here are some vintage Christmas themed shaving adverts by Norelco and Remington, dating from 1954-59.

Mennen ~ Shaving Adverts [1942-1944]

“For men in service – for men at home.”
This black, white and green ad campaign for Mennen shaving cream dates from 1942-44.

Mennen ~ Shaving Adverts [1946-1947] Illustrations by Norman Mingo

“I like smooth men!”
These illustrated pin-up girl ads are for Mennen shaving cream and after shave (called “Skin Bracer”). They’re from 1946-47 and feature artwork by Norman Mingo.

Gem Razors ~ Shaving Adverts [1944-1946] Illustrations by Peter Arno

“Avoid 5 O-Clock Shadow”
These busty illustrated ads for Gem razors and blades are from 1944-45 and featured artwork by Peter Arno.

Magic Shaving Powder ~ Shaving Adverts [1964-1981]

“She’ll flip with your cool magic.”
These ads for Magic Shaving Powder and Magic After Shave Cream by Carson date between 1964-81.