“The Sweet and the Swingin'” by Paul Weston [1960]

“A fresh contrast of melodic strings and swinging vocal patterns.”

This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “The Sweet and the Swingin’” by¬†Paul Weston, released in 1960.

Q. What’s entrancingly sweet and rakishly swingin’ – both at the same time – and fresher than midnight, New year’s Eve?
A….simply and delightfully, these twelve fine favourites styled in a wonderful brand-new way by Paul Weston.”

Side 1

  • The Thrill Is Gone
  • I Love You
  • Time On My Hands
  • I’ll See You In My Dreams
  • Lies
  • Dream
Side 2

  • Blue Moon
  • Bye Bye Blues
  • Linger Awhile
  • All By Myself
  • Sometimes I’m Happy
  • Street Of Dreams

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