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Sweet Secrets

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Sweet Secrets

"An adorable transformable world!"

Sweet Secrets were produced by Galoob from 1985 into the mid 1990's. Later on, a few of Galoob's dolls and playsets were released Blue Box. They started off as a series of lockets which transformed into dolls and animals, and as they grew in popularity Sweet Secrets became more diverse, even expanded into playsets.

I have organised all the different sets produced by theme as there were quite a lot!

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe, and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Sweet Secret
  • Italy: Dolci Segreti

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Images on this page thanks to RainMama, Ad Collector, Rebecca Chulew, Eileen and eBay sellers Dennis-Collectibles-Dolls-And-Toys and jaimielynn79!


There were four jewellery sets produced.

  • Beauty Bows
  • Beauty Bracelets
  • Dangles
  • Switch Watches

Beauty Bows

Beauty Bows were produced in 1988 and consisted of eight large fabric hair bows with colour variation 1st series dolls or animals attached. Back packaging images show eight different styles, of which two at least were animals. Some had shimmery bodies and the dolls came with the usual variations of circle,diamond and heart shaped gems.

Flashee - Heart Gleamie - Heart Gleamie - Diamond

Shinie - Diamond Pretty Puppy Cat Trina

Beauty Bracelets

Beauty Bracelets consisted of a large gem which opened into a vanity unit topped with a heart shaped doll. The whole thing could be worn as a bracelet.

There were three Beauty Bracelet sets produced. Blue Box also released these (just called Bracelets), with same changes to the dolls eyes as all other Blue Box releases, and also the stickers inside the cases were slightly different.

The heart shaped bodied were re-used for the third series of charm dolls too.

Beauty Bracelet with Dazzle Heart
Beauty Bracelet with Glimmer
Beauty Bracelet with Twinkle

Dazzle Heart




"Die-cast Dangles capture today's hot jewellery/charm theme with the extra sweet surprise of transformation. Each dangle transforms into a delightful, collectable mini-doll. Each doll comes with a bracelet chain which can be combined to form a charming Sweet Secrets necklace."

Dangles had keyring-like loops which could be hooked to the plastic chain included with them, forming a bracelet or necklace. They were firstly sold separately (in 1986) then included free with either a doll or animal charm on a blister pack.

There were nine Dangles released.

Basket Cat
Bathtub Bear
Beddy-Bye Bear

Flighty Butterfly
Flower Doll
Jolly Clown

Mouse Mobile
Prancy Pony
Rockin' Horse

Switch Watches

"These six unique Switch Watches sport innovative styling, bright colours, and clean graphic looks that click with today's young girl. Each is a highly accurate working digital watch and magically transforms into a cunning Sweet Secrets mini-figure. Each figure can be used with any of the Sweet Secrets playsets. All watches come with a brilliant coloured, adjustable wrist band."

Switch Watches were real digital watches which transformed into different animals or dolls.

There were six Switch Watches produced in 1986.

Fun Time Panda
Happy Hours Bear
Late Date Doll

Silly Seconds Pup
Time Keeper Cat
Watch Me Baby

Charms - 1st Charms - 2nd Charms - 3rd Charms - 4th Animals Babies
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