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My name is Sarah Hicks and I first discovered genealogy in 2005, when I began tracing my own family tree. I was soon hooked, and after helping a friend with theirs I realised that I enjoyed tracing other peoples trees just as much as my own!

I use online resources (census, BMD & parish records), but I also use local research libraries when I get the chance.

Below is a description of the typical data I provide with a Family History Research Project, plus a guide to the information I need to begin with.

I perform an initial search from the information provided, which tells me if the information I have been given is enough to start searching census records and also if will I need to buy any certificates. After this a more in-depth investigation can commence. As every case being unique, my fees reflect this. The cost of researching a family tree varies depending on clients needs. All projects are tailored to suit the individual. and whilst I make every effort to supply a full and positive report, I cannot offer guaranteed success.

If you are interested in my services, or are researching one of the lines in my own family tree then please contact me with any queries or information and I will get back to you.

Items included within each project include:

  • RESEARCH REPORT: This includes details of what searches were made and an explanation of the results. It will explain my findings and possible suggestions for searches which might be conducted in the future to continue your objectives.
  • COPIES OF ALL RESEARCH DOCUMENTS: Copies of all pertinent documents will be included with the Report for your records. These may include such documents as birth, marriage and death certificates, baptism records, census records, etc. A duplicate copy of everything will be kept by me for future reference.
  • FAMILY GROUP SHEETS and PEDIGREE CHARTS: These sheets show the information about your ancestors.
  • FAMILY BIOGRAPHYS: This is a description of each family I research with any notes or interesting points I discover about them. This forms the overview of my research and clarifies all data found.

Other research I can do is as follows:

Census Look-up

  • UK census (excluding Ireland): 1841-1911

Certificate Ordering

  • England & Wales: Birth, Marriage & Death, 1837 onwards
  • Scotland: Birth, Marriage & Death, 1855 onwards

Basic Information Required for Research

  • Full names, including maiden names, of all known direct ancesotors
  • All known children/siblings in each family group, plus their spouces if known - the more names the better
  • Dates of birth, marriage or death where known, or approximate if not
  • Copies of birth, marriage or death certificates
  • Known places of residence of the ancestor during his lifetime
  • Occupations (this helps when tracing people in census records)

Extra Information To Aid Research

  • Obituaries, funeral cards, etc
  • Diaries, Journals
  • Old Letters
  • Information in Family Bibles
  • Family Histories, Traditions and Stories
  • Copies of research you or others may have already done

Try to get as much information together as you can. The more I have the easier it is to get started.

If you are interested in my services, or are researching one of the lines in my own family tree then please contact me with any queries or information and I will get back to you.

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