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Title: Zoo Babies - (Tonka)
Post by: zuse on Saturday 13 August 2011, 04:34 pm


From the back of the box:
Love From The Zoo to You!
Zoo Babies

Meet the Zoo Baby Lion,
Cutest in the zoo
Zoo Baby Elephant,
And Baby Zebra, too

Peek around the corner,
A Baby Hippo's in view
Zoo Baby Polar Bear
Baby Giraffe, too.

You can cuddle and rock them
Tell a story or two
Be sure to change and feed them
Just like real mommies do.

Zoo Baby Animals Bring
Love From the Zoo to You!

(Pictured: Baby Lion, Baby Zebra, Baby Polar Bear, Baby Giraffe, Baby Elephant, Baby Hippo)

"From the zoo comes six lovable baby animals, a roly-poly polar bear, a happy hippo, a curious giraffe, a cuddly lion, a fun-loving zebra, and a shy baby elephant. You can carry them around in their "Baby Buddies" Carrier or get tham ready for bed with their Sleepytime Outfit. All they need is the love that only you can give!"