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Title: Store Exclusives
Post by: Wardah on Sunday 13 July 2014, 04:12 pm
I haven't been around for a while. There are several reasons but the biggest one is I just haven't found anything that is really a mystery in my searches. However recently I found sine mini Pound Puppy plush and was on here when I noticed on the Galoob Pound Puppies page the Dalmatian spotted Brush n' Style Puppy had a blurb saying "Toys R Us Exclusive" in the corner. Now I collect a lot of current toys as well so store exclusives are not unknown to me but I was surprised to see they were a thing even back then. Now I wonder how many mysterious toys that we know the line they were part of but they don't match anything supposedly released are actually exclusives. Exclusives were usually not in the toy company catalogs or on the packages that showed what else was in the line. The only time they would be advertised is store catalogs, flyers, and ads.