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Title: Pocket critters ...
Post by: robinharper on Thursday 13 October 2016, 02:41 pm
Who doesn't remember them?  The egg shaped keychains that hide in their belly a cute animated scene?

Originally they were brought out by Takara in 1993 but later on they were remodeled into a newer shape by Z Wind Ups although personally I do prefer the ones from Takara.  Sorry Z Wind Ups.

Takara brought out several series of these egg shaped keychains.  You had categories as:
  - sea
  - jungle
  - farm
  - family
  - tropical
  - chicks
  - ...
And that is only counting the ones in which animals play the staring role.  Takara also brought out pocket critters around themes as:
  - sports
  - tv shows (Babar or Astro Boy for instance)
  - people (a hula dancer for instance)
  - ...
And even cooperated with other brands for unique pocket critters like the ones made in association with Sanrio for Hello Kitty.

Some examples:

(  Takara examples for the jungle assortment

( Takara examples from the assortment cats, dogs, pigs and farm

( A few examples from Takara's chicks and bunnies assortment

( Takara's sports assortment

( Barbar from Takara

( Takara's pocket critter made for Coca Cola

( Takara and Sanrio joining forces for pocket critters Hello Kitty

( Astro Boy from Takara

( Z Wind Ups Dinos

( Z Wind Ups Dolphins

( Z Wind Ups Cows

Please also note that Takara themselves too have brought out some of their pocket critters anew in a slightly different version.  For instance the "Mooo" pocket critter was later replaced by the "Farm" pocket critter:

( The original pocket critter for the cow from Takara

( The later brought out pocket critter by Takara for the cow

Site of Takara with some listed pocket critters:

Pictures on my Pinterest account of the ones I have found so far:  (note that I am only interested in the "animal" pocket critters and a few of the "special" ones.  The "people" pocket critters are passed by by me)

Title: Re: Pocket critters ...
Post by: robinharper on Saturday 15 October 2016, 02:43 pm
By the way, should you own some pocket critters yourself and have pictures of them you don't mind sharing ...  ;D   I am still hunting down pictures for my Pinterest board about this lovely toy.  There are pocket critters currently on there for which I lack sadly a good picture  :-\ and wouldn't mind changing into good and clear ones.  And pocket critters that aren't on there are of course also very much appreciated cause I am convinced I am still lacking many ...  :'(  Or if you have good links for this toy, please, pretty please share.  :-*

Thanks to anyone who can help out.

Title: Re: Pocket critters ...
Post by: robinharper on Monday 28 November 2016, 03:48 pm
They are indeed a great childhood memory  ;D
Title: Re: Pocket critters ...
Post by: jazzmatazz on Monday 10 April 2017, 05:33 pm
I forgot all about these! I know I had one as a kid.  I feel like I got mine from a zoo or something.
Title: Re: Pocket critters ...
Post by: robinharper on Monday 10 April 2017, 07:54 pm
Perhaps they sold some from the jungle assortment?  :D