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Title: Please! Help Me Identify Some Puppies! :D
Post by: _lyds__ on Sunday 04 August 2019, 04:37 am
 :D Hi! I am very new here, but I thought the Toy experts on here would be the best people to go to to help me find out who these little puppies in this eBay listing are!
I found this listing last night, and I desperately want the 4 little pups in the lower right corner to use as baby Dingos in my mini Australian wildlife display in my bedroom. Again there are 4 of them, and they look to me like collies of some sort? I will try to add a photo of the puppies in this post, but if that doesn't work here's the link to the listing:

I contacted the seller, but I don't think I can get the pups without paying over $100 AUD to buy the whole lot and ship it from the UK D:
This is where you amazing Toy ID experts come in! I would be forever grateful if you could help me identify where these little puppies come from, or if you've ever seen them before. I have found out through some Puppy in my Pocket experts that they aren't anything from the PIMP line.
If you happen to know where they come from, please let me know! I am very appreciative :)