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BE-Studios Dragon Ball Roshi Resin Statue Yellow T-Shirt Ver.

Product Details

Studio: BE-Studios

Size: 25*26*22cm

Material: Resin,PU

Limited: 100pcs

Estimated release date: Q4,2020


Toys For Sale PUBLIC Listings / Re: JND Studios 1/3 Joker Juaquin Phoenix Resin Statue
« Last post by Gakkijeff on Tuesday 13 April 2021, 04:08 am »
F4 Studio 1/4 Dragonball Son Goku VS Majin Vegeta Resin Statue

Product Details

Studio: F4 Studio

Scale: 1/4

Size:  Height is about 60cm



Toy ID Help / Mermaids! (again)
« Last post by Sammy on Monday 12 April 2021, 07:21 pm »
Soooo the old mermaids thread, a lot of the pictures are unavailable.

What I know:
these are the lowest quality clones. Clones of clones even, any head stamp has been blanked with a rectangle. Lightweight hollow bodies.

They appear very similar to Toys N Things Mermaid Princess and Barter marked dolls.
The hair colour matched their outfit.
The top fastened with velcro, not elastic.
The tail has a gold mesh on the fins.
Fairly sure I saw these somewhere online years ago and they were sold on cards.

I have green and yellow (minus bikinis) and have seen a blue tail on pinterest.

General Toy Discussion / Re: Pink-Aisle.com
« Last post by zuse on Monday 12 April 2021, 06:28 pm »
So, I think I figured it out! The person is still around but I'm out of options to contact them! All their old email addresses are dead and they don't seem to be on social media (b. ~1958). They do have a current address in the Bay area but that's too IRL for me so there's the closure for me. I also have a clue about why they went MIA in 2005/2006 based on information about an alias. :)

They seemed first to be big into Kenner Glamour Gals and were linked off of the old KennerToys.com collectors website that used to exist. Also, the same registration person for the domain names of that older site and Pink-Aisle.

Here was an early c. 2001 version of the commercials section of their webpage. https://web.archive.org/web/20011029095550/http://www.kennerglamourgals.com/gg.htm They seemed to be very tech savvy. :)

(Hosted by yahoo.com from late 2001 to late 2002. So that site also only lasted for one year).

So, John/Shelby (or Christine) if you ever see this, email me sometime - I'd love it if the old website could be restored for posterity! :)
Toys For Sale PUBLIC Listings / Re: Selling My Toy Collection Take A Look
« Last post by Gakkijeff on Monday 12 April 2021, 10:24 am »
Cartoon World Studio Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Son Goku 1/4 Resin Statue

Product Details

Brand: Temple Studio

Scale: 1/4

Size:  Height is 63cm


Limited Edition:Normal version 129 pieces worldwide

Estimate release date : December,2020


Toys For Sale PUBLIC Listings / Re: Selling My Toy Collection Take A Look
« Last post by Gakkijeff on Monday 12 April 2021, 10:23 am »
SD Studio Dragonball Porunga Resin Statue

Product Details

Size: height 90 width 67 deep 56 cm

Limited: 166pcs

Comes with Porunga ,Base,Dragonball 7pcs,Serial number card

Estimated release date: Q4,2020


Toys For Sale PUBLIC Listings / Re: Selling My Toy Collection Take A Look
« Last post by Gakkijeff on Monday 12 April 2021, 10:04 am »
Djfungshing Goku 3 X Pikachu Resin Statue

Product detail


Size:19*22 CM



I found this commercial here on YT
And 2 places on Retrojunk

In all instances of this commercial that I can find online (just those 3 links on the entire internet, it seems to be a VERY RARE commercial) there seems to ALWAYS be the Retrojunk logo. If anybody here knows another online source for this commercial, please post the link. Alternatively, if you happen to have a copy on VHS, and also a good quality VCR and a good quality video capture card for your PC, please consider ripping your own copy of this commercial and uploading it to YouTube. Then post a reply here with the link to watch the video.

By the way, on a related topic, I found this commercial. It's a different commercial for the same set of toys, as well as announcing some toys not mentioned in the original commercial. These new toys are the cherub dolls from the same product line. It's an even rarer commercial (only this one link seems to exist for it), and it fortunately does NOT have any watermark on it.
Toys Wanted / Looking for a long lost friend
« Last post by AScanlanTeller on Saturday 10 April 2021, 03:52 am »
Hi All, I am looking for a favorite stuffed animal I gave away when I went to college. It was a 1971 Mattel Bean Pal Puppy. I loved this pup! If anyone has one in their collection that they would be willing to part with to a good home, I would be ever so grateful. Audrey
Toys For Sale PUBLIC Listings / Re: Selling My Toy Collection Take A Look
« Last post by Gakkijeff on Friday 09 April 2021, 04:01 am »
SD Studios Dragonball Shenron Resin Statue With LED Jar

Product Details

Brand: SD Studios

Size: 18*26.6*26.7cm

Material: Resin


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