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Luv Buds
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:04 pm »
"I used to have these plastic flowers, in pots. When you pour water into the pot, the petals of the flower open up to reveal a small doll. The flowers, including the pot were about 6 inches tall. The dolls were only an inch and a half or so.

"They are '80s toys probably prior to '85 if I remember correctly. They were not uber popular toys, however, in my group of friends, they were definitely the toys to have! Also, I don't know if this might help at all, but I believe they were purchased from K Mart. I don't recall seeing them at any other stores. I really hope you or one of your visitors will be able to help me. Thank you so much!"

Denise emailed me to say that she believes these dolls to be Luv Buds produced by Buddy L in 1982. There is next to nothing about this series on the internet, and the search term "Luv Bud" brings up a particularly interesting array of items!

Go to my Luv Buds page.

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