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Author Topic: "Lil' Clip-On" dolls by Totsy  (Read 3375 times)

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"Lil' Clip-On" dolls by Totsy
« on: Monday 16 July 2012, 01:07 am »
I could have sworn that someone was looking for an ID on these (Batty, was it you) but I can't find the thread.


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Re: "Lil' Clip-On" dolls by Totsy
« Reply #1 on: Monday 15 April 2013, 05:54 am »
It might have been me. I did have one of those when I was younger, but I honestly can't remember if I started a thread for her or not. Sorry for replying months later!

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Re: "Lil' Clip-On" dolls by Totsy
« Reply #2 on: Monday 29 April 2013, 12:14 pm »
I have seen "Lil' Clip-On" doll picture which you shared with us. Really looking awesome doll, I want to buy this type of doll for my sister which is only 7 years old. So please can you tell me more information about it? Thanks in advance.