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Author Topic: Merry Christmas! Fav Christmas presents from Santa?  (Read 2067 times)

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Merry Christmas! Fav Christmas presents from Santa?
« on: Wednesday 25 December 2013, 02:02 pm »
First off, Merry Christmas to everyone!  And a Happy New Year!

Since it's Christmas, did you get anything from Santa that you especially loved when you were small?  Especially if it is featured on this site.

My favorite presents from Santa ever were:
1. a dollhouse when I was 8.  It was three stories and fully furnished.  The types that people get at hobby stores nowadays, made from kits.  Not the silly plastic ones like Fisher-Price's Loving Family.
2. Wedding Day Midge full set of dolls:
I LOVED that set!  My Midge doll with Alan were the ones that lived in my Barbie Fold 'n Fun House.  Sorry Barbie.  Midge forever!

Those were the two things I remember being really excited about.  Most of the GotD stuff I had as a kid were from birthdays, not from Santa.  Santa may have brought my Jem doll...

I did get my first My Child doll from Santa.  I still have her, and I collect and restore them now.

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Re: Merry Christmas! Fav Christmas presents from Santa?
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 25 December 2013, 07:08 pm »
Merry Christmas as for my most memorable gift?'that would be Christmas 1978 I got my first star wars figures(C-3po and R2D2) and loved em(What's odd is that I hadn't seen or even heard of the movie yet)

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Re: Merry Christmas! Fav Christmas presents from Santa?
« Reply #2 on: Friday 24 January 2014, 03:44 am »
I'm not sure this qualifies as an answer since it's not a vintage toy and strictly speaking wans't from Santa, but my most memorable Christmas gift, by far, was the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Faramir action figure.  He was my favorite character in the books and the #1 thing on my Christmas list in 2002. For some reason, he was much rarer than the other characters, and my dad told me I wouldn't be getting him for Christmas because he was so hard to find. So Christmas morning came, and just like my dad said, there was no Faramir under the tree, but after I'd opened everything, he pulled someyhing out of a drawer and said I had another present to open... and there was Faramir!