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Author Topic: Looking for clean, not watermarked, copy of a particular toy commercial  (Read 3704 times)

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I found this commercial here on YT
And 2 places on Retrojunk

In all instances of this commercial that I can find online (just those 3 links on the entire internet, it seems to be a VERY RARE commercial) there seems to ALWAYS be the Retrojunk logo. If anybody here knows another online source for this commercial, please post the link. Alternatively, if you happen to have a copy on VHS, and also a good quality VCR and a good quality video capture card for your PC, please consider ripping your own copy of this commercial and uploading it to YouTube. Then post a reply here with the link to watch the video.

By the way, on a related topic, I found this commercial. It's a different commercial for the same set of toys, as well as announcing some toys not mentioned in the original commercial. These new toys are the cherub dolls from the same product line. It's an even rarer commercial (only this one link seems to exist for it), and it fortunately does NOT have any watermark on it.