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Author Topic: FOUND Wuzzles Woxee may not be real.  (Read 2212 times)

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FOUND Wuzzles Woxee may not be real.
« on: Monday 12 August 2013, 05:44 pm »

I have found pictures of the Wuzzles babies in a catalog, for when they were supposed to be released to the public to purchase but there is no Woxee. The only pictures I have seen of Woxee look like it is actually Foxee, but someone cropped out his hair and stripes in the picture. I collect Wuzzles and I have every single one except Woxee as I don't think it is real.

Let me know what you think!



P.S. I don't know how to post the pictures, if I did know how I would post the pictures of the catalog.