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Author Topic: WANTED: Yum Yums Mouse - FOUND!  (Read 4355 times)

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WANTED: Yum Yums Mouse - FOUND!
« on: Thursday 18 March 2010, 01:26 am »
I'm looking for an original Kenner/Hallmark Yum Yums character, "Goody Gumdrop Mouse." Here's something to keep in mind: I'm located in the US. I've looked on ebay, but this one doesn't come up too often (though I check back every now and again). Condition wise, it doesn't really matter to me, as long as it's in at least Good condition. thanks!
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Re: WANTED: Yum Yums Mouse
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 18 March 2010, 05:46 am »
This person has one. The post is from last summer but you could email her and ask if it's still available.


Good luck!
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