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Author Topic: Vintage horse figurines.  (Read 3122 times)

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Vintage horse figurines.
« on: Tuesday 31 July 2012, 06:05 am »
have no idea what they are! pLEASE HELP. THEY HAVE NO IDENTIFYING MARKS

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Re: Vintage horse figurines.
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 31 July 2012, 09:45 pm »
The one on the far right in the top photo with the spots looks like a Fashion Star Filly... Chloe perhaps?



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Re: Vintage horse figurines.
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 01 August 2012, 08:49 am »
The purple-haired horse is part of a line that were prizes at chuckee cheese and other arcade type places. They had horses and unicorns with manes that were blue, pink, and purple.

Some of the other ponies look like Grand Champions or Grand Champ knockoffs. I have several that look like them, as well. Look on the butt to see if there's a faint (maybe almost rubbed off) gold GC. If so, they're Grand Champions.

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Re: Vintage horse figurines.
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 01 August 2012, 11:31 pm »
The two horses in the second photo the black one and the white one look like Breyer horses but they made hundreds  of them so I have no idea who they are sorry.

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Re: Vintage horse figurines.
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 08 August 2012, 11:52 am »
smaller breyer looks like this mold:

bigger one might be this:
need a picture from a better angle for her.

Good site to id the grand champions is http://www.angelfire.com/on/raventyde/grandchampion.html

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Re: Vintage horse figurines.
« Reply #5 on: Monday 20 August 2012, 08:20 pm »
A couple of them look like they might be MBH (My Beautiful Horses).