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Author Topic: Electronic Girl's Toy - Plastic Blob  (Read 3805 times)

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Electronic Girl's Toy - Plastic Blob
« on: Wednesday 26 August 2020, 08:45 pm »
PLEASE HELP - I have been trying to identify this toy for YEARS but my description always come back with toys like Furbies, Tamagatchis, Ooglies, Fijit Friends, or even Mrs. Potato Head. 

I cannot remember what they are called, but I remember that they came in maybe 5 different colors and each had their own hairstyle (hard plastic).  Mine was pink and I tried drawing a picture for reference, but here are the best details I can muster up (based on the memory of a very young child):

-About the size of an adult hand
-Hard Plastic
-The eyes were one screen that looked like eyes when you first turned it on
-"Buttons" on the side activated by fingerprint(s)
-Cyber-pet that you had to take care of, feed, put to sleep, play with, etc.
-Feet at base
-Circa early 2000s (I was born in 1997 and have vague memories of this)
-Sold for $19.99 at the time
-Advertised on Nickelodeon (if I'm remembering correctly)
-Sold at Toys R Us


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Re: Electronic Girl's Toy - Plastic Blob
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 12 May 2021, 06:48 am »
You must have figured this out somewhere else by now I bet, but for anyone else who needs to know, this is Blinkies by Playmates (2004).