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Barbie help !
« on: Sunday 20 May 2012, 06:02 pm »
First of all, hi ! I'm new here ! :D

Okay, I've been searching for some Barbies I know I own and got several pictures of them MIB for future reference (I want to take pics of the complete sets when I go back to Portugal and include them on my toy collection website), but I am unable to find two sets. The problem is I don't know their names and no matter how much I looked around, I couldn't find them. So, I'll try and explain how they are/what they include:

1. Includes a doll, a purple shop counter, a cash register, paper money (I think), a plastic credit card and several clothes/bags/shoes you can mix and match (they are mainly purple and pink). I tried EVERYTHING to find the name of this set or a picture, but found nothing.

2. This one includes a golden retriever with moving head and a magnet on the mouth zone, three pups with holes in the mouth, a bed kind of thing that will move if you press a button and the puppies will be "shot" out of them bed (this is yellow and purple), a purple leash and a few other accessories I can't remember very well. I don't remember if this set came with a doll as well.

So, if you have these or know the name, PLEASE help me out; I have gone nuts trying to find them out !

PS: They were out sometime between 2000 - 2005, I think...