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Author Topic: Make Your Own.... Jewelry??? Mid 90s  (Read 9274 times)

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Re: Make Your Own.... Jewelry??? Mid 90s
« Reply #15 on: Friday 21 September 2012, 01:46 am »
Ahh! Zuse, how do you find this stuff? ;)

I am convinced that it was Fashion Magic. I don't remember any colored clay - only white - but I remember a couple of the pictures on those instruction sheets, it mentions the powdery glittery, and once I saw the string laying in that mold along with the clay, I actually think that that's the one that I had. The real thing tugging at my memory, though, is the "Transfer Sheets." That must have been my favorite part. ;)

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Re: Make Your Own.... Jewelry??? Mid 90s
« Reply #16 on: Monday 17 December 2012, 09:55 pm »
Yeah it was called Easy2Do and worked like a easy bake oven my grandma got it for me cause she couldn't find the easy bake oven i asked for. I remember the necklace mold was rather small and the necklaces i made with it ended up on my dolls if they didn't break. The finished jewelry was rather fragile. Unfortunaly I can't find any pics or refances to anywhere any help would be apprecated.

Bren41882 it is called the ez 2 do fashion machine. I had one too but only for a brief time as mine didn't work and as I remember was returned to the store but never replaced. I also managed to find a picture of it in an old catalog from sears as remembered it came out in 1992 the same year as the creepy crawlers machine. Here is the picture I found.