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Author Topic: Help IDing year and worth of this toy?  (Read 4082 times)

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Help IDing year and worth of this toy?
« on: Monday 27 May 2013, 09:08 pm »
I picked this up at a thrift store thinking it looked vintage. Can't find any information whatsoever online. All I found was a Youtube video on it. I would love to know the year of it. I saw one sell on Ebay..but it was a white box, mine is a red box. It's completely intact and works. Really would love some more information on this toy..anyone have a single clue? It's made by Talentoy and the mother dog has a magnet in her mouth that picks the puppies up one by one and they roll down the slide. Any information on this would be great. I tried to ask the person who had the Youtube video of it (even though his was a white box whereas mine is red) and wasn't much given much information.

Here's some pictures: