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Author Topic: Doll with Two Types of Hair (pink one side, purple other) [Jul 2009]  (Read 2265 times)

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Tina emailed me this doll description:

"I am looking for the name and possibly a picture of a doll from the 80's. I was a teenager and I bought her because she was so cool looking. All I remember about her is that she had 2 types of hair, half of her head was long purple hair and the other half was curly pink (I believe it was pink), she wore white pants; kinda short like chinos maybe, and she had a sash around her waist I think it was yellow. She was a hard plastic doll, not stuffed and she was taller than a Barbie but I cant remember how much maybe 16 inches. Any help would be much appreciated thanks."
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Re: Doll with Two Types of Hair (pink one side, purple other) [Jul 2009]
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I had a doll called hollywood that had hair like  that but she was much smaller than barbie she had moulded shorts and shades I think her hair changed colour x