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Author Topic: Unknown Pippa sized jointed doll  (Read 3848 times)

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Unknown Pippa sized jointed doll
« on: Thursday 07 November 2013, 01:27 pm »

I've been struggling for years to identify this vintage doll with no success. She's approx. 6.5 inches high (Pippa sized). There are no markings on her body or head to identify the make, year or country of origin. The body is somewhat similar to a Uneeda Dollikin, except that the arms aren't jointed. Probably 1980's or earlier because the body and legs are made of rigid hard plastic. Knees have two tiny screws holding the joints together. The arms are more pliable plastic, possibly vinyl, but not wired so you can't click and pose them.  Her head is squishy plastic, but probably not her original head. Any suggestions please?