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Author Topic: Large doll from early 1990's?  (Read 2017 times)

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Large doll from early 1990's?
« on: Monday 02 January 2017, 02:23 pm »
I got this doll from my aunt sometime around 1993-1994 and have been looking everywhere for another one but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I thought that it was a Kid Sister doll but it seems that I was mistaken. This particular doll has a cloth body, soft plastic head, hands and molded sneakers, stood about 3'5" and came dressed in a colorful striped shirt, overalls and curly pigtails. I believe it had closing eyes as well. If I remember correctly, the package that the doll came in said that her name was "Penelope," and I was told that she was around $60.

http://imgur.com/yGfKtb6 This is the only picture I could find, but maybe someone can help identify her?