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Author Topic: Who made this 1970s/1980s MARKET STALL?  (Read 1825 times)

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Who made this 1970s/1980s MARKET STALL?
« on: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 02:24 pm »
I am looking for the following item which is a toy from my childhood:

It is a market stall (they are now classed as 'role play toys').  The frame was white and made in plastic. The frame fitted together by one end going through a hole in another part, and they were secured using white plastic pegs. The legs formed a cross and at the top of the legs was the fruit and veg level. It was a grid with spaces for crates, there was either six or eight blue plastic crates.  These crates went into the spaces in two rows and then the fruit and veg went in them. To the side there was a weighing scale, and I think a till.
From the fruit and veg level, there was a white plastic piece either side which went to the canopy part. The canopy was made of cardboard and it was a blue and white striped pattern. About half way from the fruit and veg level to the canopy, there was a white plastic shelf which held the pretend wine bottles, soup tins, etc.

I remember the box to have a photo of the stall on and it being white and blue. I cannot remember the manufacturer or the name it was given. I cannot remember if it was made in the U.K., USA, or where.  I remember playing with it as a very early memory, I had it brand new and so it must have been made in the 70's or 80's.  I was born in 1974.
I have searched online by using different wording, and looked at different toy sites and sellers sites. However, I have not found anything about it.
I absolutely loved it. I wanted to keep it, however, my Mum said as I was older I could give it to my much younger Cousin. I resisted, but she gave it to her anyway.  I asked my Aunt that when my Cousin no longer wanted it, could she give it back to me. She agreed. However, my Aunt did not return it.
I have been looking for one ever since, but I cannot find out anything about it.

Do you have one, or have a photo?  Do you know someone who has one?  Have you seen one somewhere?  Do you know the manufacturer?  If you have one, is it in good condition, would you sell?  I really hope that someone can help.  Any information is greatly appreciated.