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My Facebook Sales Page
« on: Monday 20 January 2014, 02:18 pm »

Welcome to my website! I have made a page on Facebook with my stuff for sale. It would be great if anyone would "like" it too.

My Items For Sale

All my items are USED! Almost all my items are NOT from my childhood. I buy lots, upgrade and keep for my collection and whatever I don't need, I resell. I do my best to describe all my items. I have done individual pictures of all my inventory. This has taken me a long time to do and I have done it to make things more convienent for YOU!

When Contacting Me
Please, please... when messaging me about items for sale, be detailed! I have put together individual pics for you. Please include the number of the pony or accessory that you are interested in if I have more than one. Also, so I can give an appropriate shipping rate, please include what country or state with zip code I would be sending to.
A side note... I'm a full time mom, a full time employee, a full time homemaker... I will do my very best to get back to within 24 hours for a shipping quote, etc but it may be longer depending on when in the week I am messaged. If for any reason after I give you a shipping quote and you for any reason can't afford/change your mind etc PLEASE let me know.

Payments and Shipping

I take Paypal payments ONLY! After sending the payment please send me a message along with the address you want it sent to. Half the time I do not get confirmed addresses in Paypal. I ship worldwide! I ship cheap! I ship mostly in bubble mailers unless you do not want it sent that way or I don't feel comfortable sending an item that way. I ship on Wednesdays ONLY due to my crazy life and work.


I am open to trades BUT I only trade for G1 MLP stuff.

Come on in!
Please "like" it for updates through Facebook

Here is a quick link to my albums!

Other Non MLP Toys
Beanie Babies
Cabbage Patch Kids
Care Bears
Enchanted Horses
Fairy Tails
Fast Food Toys
Lady Lovely Locks
Little Pretty Kitties and Puppies
Matchbox Carousel
Polly Pocket
Puppy In My Pocket
Star Fairies
Strawberry Shortcake
Sweetie Pups and Kittens

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Re: My Facebook Sales Page
« Reply #1 on: Monday 03 April 2017, 03:59 pm »
I don't see any barbies in your facebook photos. Can you post pictures or list what you have?

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Re: My Facebook Sales Page
« Reply #2 on: Monday 03 April 2017, 08:33 pm »
I don't have Facebook so I can't see any of it  :-\
Come visit my site about Kitty Care and Puppy Care from Hornby: http://kitty-care.webnode.nl/

Come and take a look on my site dedicated to toys of the eighties, mostly in kitty cat form: http://toys-of-the-eighties.webnode.nl/index/