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Author Topic: Favorite Board Games  (Read 25106 times)

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #15 on: Wednesday 12 May 2010, 01:15 am »
OMG mash. We played that as late of senior year of high school, especially after we all got our acceptance letters and the teachers stopped making us do anything.

My FAVORITE board game was the Lady Lovely Locks Seek & Peek game.

I was born too late to really know what LLL was but I had a book about her and I loved the way the characters looked. Then I saw this at a yard sale and recognized the characters on the box and had to have it. I loved the cardboard cut-outs so much that I played the game by myself just so I could use them.  :P

Years later I was so surprised to find out that there were dolls and a show and everything! I own some of the dolls now and they make me really happy. I'd LOVE to find another copy of the board game though. Mine got left out in the rain a longgg time ago. :(
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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #16 on: Friday 14 May 2010, 02:26 am »
well  the two i loved the most was candy land the board was the 1970-198? one.  i saw the new version and it broke my heart!  :'( they got rid of most of the characters and replaced some the rest they redrew it looked so UGLY!!  compared to the one i remember.  the other one was a table top RPG called dark tower it was electronic and we played it till it died. now one that is mint is about $300.00 or more! i miss playing it dearly and wish they would bring it back it was low tech but fun.

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #17 on: Wednesday 26 May 2010, 09:27 pm »
These were the games that I was obsessed with:

Monster Mash!

Hands Down!

Maniac Mansion on Nintendo (If you beat this, you are my hero!)



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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 06 June 2010, 09:40 pm »
My favourite board game was "mysteries of peking" it was like cludo but set in ... well I'll let you guess.

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #19 on: Thursday 24 June 2010, 02:54 pm »
Ooh, I LOVED Ghost Castle (even though I don't think I ever learned how to play it by the rules). The little ghostie masks were great!
I also loved Hungry Hungry Hippos, Animal Smackers ( does anyone remember that? Photos of animals on plastic pieces, a little red pump attached to the animal pieces and you smacked the pump and the animals flew into the air. Why? I don't know, but it was great fun!)

Two other games I remember but never had (can anyone tell me?):

1) Something like Cinderella, where you had to collect little glass slippers?

2) A vampire-type one with a little Draculla stamper to stamp your hand????

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #20 on: Monday 27 September 2010, 01:14 am »
I love my "Stop Thief" game.  It had this controller looking thing that made the noises that were clues that you had to move your dective around the board and into the different buildings and figure out which numbered spot the invisible theif was on.  I still love this game.  The little pieces like the theif cards and the dective id cards were really fun!  You punch in the numbers on the controller when you are on the spot where you think the thief is and the police siren sounds and if they shoot and then you here the ambulance sound you got the thief!  If they shoot and you here nothing you got the number wrong.  It they shoot and you here a na na nanana sound and the running sounds (and sometimes window breaking and another crime too!) then you know he was there but he ran and you have to find him again.  Fun game!  It needs a 9 volt battery for the controller fyi and you can play with up to 4 people. :)


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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #21 on: Wednesday 23 February 2011, 09:04 pm »
Reading through this thread takes me down memory lane lol.  I know this is an old thread but here are mine:

Barbie Queen of the Prom.  My little brother would even play that one with me.  He played a guy some how lol.
Clue The Great Museum Caper
Lie Detector
Guess Who?
Pay Day
Take Off!
Uncle Wiggily
Don't Go To Jail
Old Maid
Connect Four
Spy Alley
And this bee game where you where this magnet thing on your head.

Gonna have to second Pretty Pretty Princess, Candy Land, 13 Dead End Drive (love that one), Monopoly and Party Mania.  Oh and Lady Lovely Locks even though I don't really remember it that much.  I'm sure there's others that I can't remember.
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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #22 on: Wednesday 23 February 2011, 10:18 pm »
Thanks for adding to the topic. I love to hear what everyone's favorite board games are, sometimes I am reminded of ones I have forgotten!

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #23 on: Tuesday 22 March 2011, 04:37 am »
Fraidy Cats
Pretty Pretty Princess
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pizza Power Game
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Herd Your Horses
The Lion King Sounds Of Fun Electronic Game
Don't Break The Ice

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #24 on: Sunday 25 September 2011, 12:38 am »
i really miss the original candy land, and  i miss dark tower most of all !  another one i liked was mouse trap and i found a 1970's one the other day. the only other one was crocodile dentist but i cant find a copy that you take the teeth out of!!!!  all i find are the ones where the teeth get pushed down and that is no fun !  >:(

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #25 on: Sunday 16 October 2011, 12:25 am »
My best childhood friend and I would play Sweet Valley High all of the time. (I actually bought a copy on ebay for her a few years ago and still haven't gotten it to her...) http://www.amazon.com/Milton-Bradley-Sweet-Valley-High/dp/B000PDHXP2

My family always played Wacky Blasters together. (Although the game is long-gone, I still have the die. ;) ) http://www.zippygamer.com/2010/01/the-game-that-will-blow-you-away/

Although I don't remember much about it, I know that we had the Goosebumps Terror in the Graveyard Game. http://slappy-the-dummy.blogspot.com/2010/12/slappy-goosebumps-terror-in-graveyard.html

We also played Hands Down as a family. (I squealed a little too loudly when I saw it for sale at Walmart recently.)

OMG, I had forgotten about MASH! Thanks for the nostalgia there!!!

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #26 on: Wednesday 06 June 2012, 08:32 pm »
I had DreamPhone (which has been mentioned previously) and it's still an ongoing joke with me and my siblings that one of the recordings in the phone was "I know who it is, but I'm not telling - ha ha ha!"; except the distorted voiced sounded more like 'va va va' at the end!

I've also still got 13 Dead End Drive - which was also mentioned. But my favourite childhood board game, besides Junior Monopoly, was Winnie-the-Pooh 'Friends of the Forest' game where you had to tidy up your section of the hundred acre wood with three trees and a clean river:

I might still have it. We had it from new but I know for a fact that the box is falling apart now - it's well loved!
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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #27 on: Sunday 17 June 2012, 04:29 pm »
Oh my, there are so many games I've never heard of! Like I would have loved to have the Lady Lovely Locks Seek & Peek game..or that Dark Tower (sounds really interesting)! ^_^

My favorite games when I was a kid were Don't Wake the Dragon and Teacher's Quiz

I should dig around and see what other games I still have...

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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #28 on: Thursday 26 July 2012, 10:12 pm »
I actually collect Monopoly sets, but my favorite game from childhood was 13 Dead End Drive.  I still have it.  And I found one at a thrift store for $2.12.  I bought it for my cousins, and it had everything but the instructions.  I downloaded and printed off the instructions.  They love it.


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Re: Favorite Board Games
« Reply #29 on: Friday 24 August 2012, 09:31 am »
Does anyone remember a board game where you had two pens, and you had to spell whatever words you were given correctly? If you did, a happy face would appear on the pen. If you didn't, a sad or angry face would appear on the pen. I'd love to know what this game was called. I think we still have it in the loft somewhere.