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Author Topic: Barbie Horses and Ariel Play Set  (Read 4790 times)

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Barbie Horses and Ariel Play Set
« on: Saturday 09 June 2012, 12:07 am »
Hi, I'm trying to sell off some of my old toys (which is a lot hard than I though it would be, lol)
What I'm selling;

Vintage Dallas barbie horse, in decent shape, comes with bridal and saddle.

1994 Sprint Barbie horse (or I guess in the U.S it's called High Stepper (?)), in good condition and comes with all the original parts...and works!

1992 Tyco Ariel's Undersea Hideaway, In good shape, the corded phone is now cordless (thanks to my sister cat :( ) but other than that it's fine.

1997 Trendmasters Dream Garden; Tangerine garden play-set, complete!

1998 Trendmasters Dream Garden; Watering Can Nursery play-set, complete!

Please PM me if you have questions, offers or would like photos   :D

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Re: Barbie Horses and Ariel Play Set
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 03 March 2018, 12:13 pm »
Hello I was wondering if you still had the Dream garden by trendmasters tea pot complete set up for sale ?