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Author Topic: Fingerlings Interative Monkey  (Read 3324 times)

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Fingerlings Interative Monkey
« on: Thursday 12 October 2017, 07:47 am »
I can’t wait to share my experiences with fingerlings, it is really fantastic. Last night, I went to my sister’s home for dinner. Before the dinner, I played with my niece for half an hour. This adorable little girl is fond of interesting toys. So I played the toys with her and we spent a very happy time. The one that made me really surprised was an electronic monkey, which is called fingerling.

This monkey fingerling toy has special sensors that allow it to respond to touch, motion, sound, and shake in different ways. It can also sense when you change its position, right side up, or hang upside down. When you kiss toward its face, it will kiss you back.

Touch your baby monkey’s head for a second, you will hear a burp.

If you sway it from side to side, you can hear its laugh. This baby monkey loves to be rocked and cradled in the pump of your hand.

Besides, it also can shake head, whistle and sing, and even more.

I think fingerling is not only a cute and wonderful toy for kids, it is also an relaxing and funny gift for adults as you and me.

You can get it from this site http://zjmart.online/.           
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Re: Fingerlings Interative Monkey
« Reply #1 on: Monday 18 March 2019, 01:08 pm »
Monkey is a cute animal and a lot of people love it.
I love the unicorn doll and a baby girl doll is also my favorite.