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Author Topic: Looking for this Prestige neon zebra to give to my daughter on the way!  (Read 2149 times)

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This is a zebra that i had from my childhood and I'd love nothing more than to find a new one! Here's how it looks:

Here's what I know of it so far:

*it was made in 1990 (maybe 91?) by Prestige (PTC or Prestige Toy Company)

* Prestige was bought out by Rashti & Rashti in 2015

* I found these pictures of the zebra on eBay.in (Indian Ebay) under the title "VINTAGE 1990 PTC PRESTIGE STUFFED PLUSH NYLON PUFFALUMP NEON ZEBRA PUPPET NEW" but I can't sem to find it on the actual website

*I don't know the exact size, but looking at the rest of the toys, it seems as if it was 10" or 11"

Any help is greatly appreciated! This is by far the closest I've gotten to actually finding this weird zebra-thing and I'm hoping that someone here can help me piece together that last little pieces of information I need in order to find it!

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Re: Looking for this Prestige neon zebra to give to my daughter on the way!
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 19 July 2018, 09:07 pm »
Hey there. I did a little searching, and I was able to find an old listing on Worthpoint that had a visable tag. It seems the line was called Ne-Animals. Searching that on eBay brought up a few other plushies that seem to in the same line.

I'm also getting the name Nakajima popping up when searching these, so that could be another company that helped produce this line? I'm not sure though, but it could help when searching. As far as size goes, some of the plushies seem to be from around 8" to some of the larger caterpillar ones around 21"!

I hope some of this helps you find the toy your looking for. Good luck!
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