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Author Topic: Golden Sounds Story knockoff, "Where is Spring?"  (Read 1608 times)

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Golden Sounds Story knockoff, "Where is Spring?"
« on: Friday 02 February 2018, 06:48 pm »
When I was a kid in the early to mid 90s, my godmother got me a book called "Where is Spring?"  It was a similar size and shape to the Golden Sounds Story books, but I don't think it was one of them.  The sounds on the side were mostly animal noises.  Anyway, it was super weird.  It was about a cat who went around asking the other farm animals, "Where is Spring?" and all the animals would reply.  The weirdest part of the book was that it appeared to be written by a child or poorly translated into English.  For instance, the pig's answer to the question was, "Spring is where the mud get warm."  Another animals answered "Spring is where the grass get green."  (Just "get" instead of "gets".)  I seem to remember there being punctuation and capitalization errors as well, making it seem childish rather than foreign.

A google search of "Where is Spring" with "book" brings up another book, but definitely not it.

Does anybody have any idea how to find this book?  Even as a little kid I was curious why it was so bad!  It brought a lot of laughs back in the day.  My godmother is long deceased, and even if she was living I doubt she'd remember a book she mailed me 25 years ago.

If there is another resource for finding books, please let me know!  Thanks for any help!