An Eggy Surprise In The Woods

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I came back with books and toys this Monday, plus a couple of splendidly tasteless men’s ties! I found Mickey Mouse, a plush Kinder Egg, four more McDonalds Furbys, a lovely pop-up book, three story books and The Babysitters Club novel. I also found a little Bart Simpson devil figure and a small wig.

Mickey Mouse & Kinder Egg

Mickey looks like he’s about to start making an omelette…

McDonalds Happy Meal – Furby

Bart Simpson & Wig


I found five books.

The Baby Sitters Club “Jesse and the Awful Secret”

“A Picnic in the Woods” [Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading]

“Old Mother Hubbard” [Little Golden Books]

“At Home” [A Ladybird picture word book]

“The Snow Queen” Pop-Up

It needs a little repair work.

Pierre Balmain, Paris

Two lovely ties…