Bertie & Henry’s Magical Gay Life

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It’s been a long while since I’ve written a blog about the random items I find in charity shops. I buy so much these days for resale, that the things I buy for myself have become rather (and literally) lost in the pile. Today’s find offered the most excellent opportunity to start again, as everything I bought was for me. And what a random selection presented itself!

I didn’t find a great deal out and about, but it is quite up and down like that in charity shops these days. My first finds were a giant Creature Comforts penguin, a 1985 Henry’s Cat annual, The Magical Castle annual from 1981 featuring a wizard with the best Long John’s I’ve seen, and a Beauty and the Beast graphic novel from 1989.

I tried to take a photo of the penguin with the cat (Nero), but he wasn’t playing ball.

There were a selection of annuals on the shop counter, and picked out these three. The others were mostly Beano.

In the next charity shop I spied a Bertie Bassett mug sporting the phrase “One too many and you might turn Bertie“!

“A great novel of the gay life.”

My last buy of the afternoon was “Mr Madam” by Kenneth Marlowe. Originally 40p, with today price just 50p. Surprisingly hard to find on the second hand market.