Build-a-Bouncin’ Mummy

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Figures and plushies from the beginning of October and been quite plentiful so far! I have found lots for resale and a few for my own shelf, including an excellent Garfield in a top hop! I also found a couple of 1970’s Dawn dolls, but sold them before I got a chance to photograph everything together!

Whilst rummaging around the bottom of a slightly grubby toy box, I began to find all sorts of little mini figures. I spent some time sifting for gold and came up with Mimi & The Goo Goos, Fairykins, Puppy In My Pocket and Callie ‘n Friends. There was also a Polly Pocket hidden in the window.

I put these two 1970’s Dawn dolls onto eBay straight away, as they had an offer on for capped fees. The Cry Babies doll sheds “real” tears when she cries!

Other figures for resale include various Disney characters, two lovely Schleich animals, a couple more Playmobil figures to add to a growing pile, Minecraft, Marvel, Wallace and Gromit, Ryan’s World, Minions and a few yet to ID.

Plush for resale include a Build-a-Bear bunny with a big bundle of clothes, two Rugrats, a Bouncin’ Tigger (working this time!), Trolls, the Cadbury’s Caramel bunny, another Frozen “Elsa” Meerkat, Sheriff Callie, Bright Eyes, Lion King, Gruffalo, Pikmi Pops, Bush Baby World and Shnooks (both of which I have several now to sell, in two large bundles).

Things for me!