Chatting With The Beast

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I found quite a varied selection of dolls during January including Action Man, Baby Annabelle, Barbie, Betty Spaghetty, Bratz, Brave, Chatsters, Cocodels, Disney Princess, Frozen, LOL Surprise, Lots To Love, My Scene, Polly Pocket, Shimmer & Shine and Sofia The First.

My favourite find has to be Beauty & The Beast “Adam/Ken”, who is far more beautiful with his mask on!

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I found a few Disney dolls, including another large singing Elsa doll. I also found a nude Petite Belle doll (Beauty & The Beast), but her hair was so lovely still I could resists, and a Colourful Curls Merida from Brave. She has shoes!

Merida is now for sale, and there is already and Elsa for sale in my shop (also with shoes!). Belle I may sell in a bundle with other Belles.

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Sofia The First dolls pop up every now, and these two are lovely. Press the button on their back and their arms pop up, turning their skirts into butterfly wings.

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I found a working Chatsters “Gabby” doll, not something I have ever come across or researched before. She’s missing her little accessories, which add to the interactivity, but still good fun!

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I found this bundle of Polly Pocket in two charity shops, next door to each other. The saddle was in one shop and the horse in the other! I’ve found quite a few of this generation of  PP, so now need to decide how to sell them all (eg. one big bundle, or split into brushable dolls and non-brushable). I don’t fancy having to research what outfit belongs to what doll, so perhaps as one lot!

I’d only just been looking up about My Scene dolls the day before, so knew who these two were in the doll basket straight away (for a change!). Neither are wearing MS dresses, but the jacket is at least. They also both have MS shoes, although not the correct ones for the sets they are from.

On the left is Goes Hollywood “Madison”. She’s wearing Nolee‘s jacket from the same set and a Disney Cinderella wedding dress. Both are nice pieces of clothing.

On the right is My Bling Bling “Chelsea” wearing a Disney Rapunzel dress. She has a little chewing to her hands which I should be able to smooth out using the hot water technique. I have found her something else to wear to sell her in, as this dress does not look right on her!

The Bratz doll I bought (lower down) was wearing this gold necklace, but it doesn’t belong to her either!

Boxed images:

Shimmer & Shine: Mermaid “Nila” now has lovely curly hair again, after being styled!

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I’ve found a couple of McDonald’s Betty Spaghetty dolls recently, but this is the first real one. She’s “Cupcake Betty“. I also found this lovely purple haired Bratz: Masquerade “Geneva” doll with all her clothes! She’s only missing her mask.

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The LOL Surprise on the left is real, the one on the right is a fakie! I also found a micro Barbie (to sell with some others I found) and another little Disney Princess (also to be added to a bundle with clip-on dresses).

I found these two Action Men in amongst a pile of lady dolls, sadly no clothes. I had been eyeing up bad buy Tempest a few weeks ago, but decided against him at the time. I was surprised to find him still in the charity shop, so brought him home this time. I’ve added them both into my shop (found a pair of trousers for naked man, plus a glove and gun), and also finally got around to adding the two I bought last year (Arctic Motorcross and Skateboard Extreme).

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I found another Berebguer “Lots To Love” doll in the same pose as the one I found last year but with a darker skin tone and brown eyes. I’ll be making a specific section for Doll Accessories in my shop shortly as I have many, many little bits and pieces accumulated!

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A small pink cloak, one pink shoe and a gold necklace.


Dolls I’m keeping (for the time being) include Beauty & The Beast “Adam/Ken”, Cocodels “April” and Barbie Princess Power.

This is a great doll, shame his doll hair has been maimed!

Cocodels “April” is missing her hair accessory and shoes, but has toes so looks cute without! Her hair is a solid wig and she has super green eyes with lashes. I’ve never come across these dolls before but really like them now!

Twist Barbie Princess Power “Super Sparkle” at the waist (right around once) to lower the cape (turning it into a skirt), then press the button on her chest and she spins back round raising her arms and opening the cape back up! She’s missing her crown, mask and wrist cuffs. She was almost missing her cape too, as it was not attached to her in the basket I found her it.