Count Danger Popples

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I started volunteering in my favourite charity shop on Monday morning (The Lions), and on my way into the children’s section my eyes were magnetically drawn to a small plush toy sitting on the shelf. It was a  POPPLES!

Through out the morning I also picked up a few G4 My Little Ponies, a Danger Mouse pin, another kitty purse, a Shopkins “Strawberry Kiss” Illumi-mate, a Miffy book and a Count Duckula book. All but Count Duckula were already on the shelves for customers to buy, so I didn’t feel guilty snapping up these items. I wonder what next Monday will hold?

Popples “Putter”

“Popples can be turned inside out to make children laugh! These soft loveable creatures can be changed from fluffy balls to furry friends…and back again! They’re soft, silly and they love to be popped in and out of their pouches!”

Putter is 8 inches high and in good condition. He was produced in 1986 by Mattel.

Find out more about Popples here:

G4 My Little Ponies

This pony has fully jointed legs. Fluttershy came with picnic accessories.

This a Seapony Fluttershy, from My Little Pony: The Movie.

Princess Cadence came with the Pony Princess: Wedding Castle playset.

I already own this little plush Twilight Sparkle by Ty (I wasn’t sure), so one will be going back to the Charity shop next Monday.

Shopkins Illumi-mate: Strawberry Kiss

“Watch your favourite character come to life! These hand-sized characters light up and change colour automatically. They’re also battery operated. Great as little comfort lights – wherever you go Illumi-mate! Colour changing lights in the shape of Strawberry Kiss: watch your Shopkins icon glow from purple to pink to red to green, blue and back to purple again.”

Kitty Purse

This is the third of these little coin purses I have found in The Lions charity shop. The leather is printed and embossed by a small company in Calcutta.

Miffy by Dick Bruna [1964/re-printed 1977]

“Mr and Mrs Bunny have a little baby bunny. Her name is Miffy. All of the animals come and look at her. At the end of the day little Miffy is tired.”

This is the first Miffy book written by Dick Bruna, originally published in the Netherlands in 1955. It was first published in Great Britain in 1964, with this version being a re-print from 1977.

Count Duckula “The Ghost Of Castle McDuckula” [1988/re-printed 1989]

“Count Duckula was excited to be in Scotland, Not only would he prove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster once and for all, but he would be staying at the fabulous Glensparrows Hotel. But Igor had other plans…like visiting Rory McDuckula the scourge of the glens, at the dreaded, haunted Castle McDuckula, for instance.”

Danger Mouse

These pin badges (of which there were four designs) were on sale within Halifax Bank of Scotland in 2008 on behalf of Diabetes UK.