Crazy Marrow Pooh

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This week found me Fluppy Dogs (yay!), a talking Winnie The Pooh & (a silent) Tigger, Zhu Zhu Pets, Mickey Mouse, a One Direction teddy, Egbert Bear, loads of Crazy Bones (plus a few others mixed in), plus a smattering of cheesy LP’s. I also bought another McDonalds Furby because my obsession knows no bounds when it comes to these little guys!

Fluppy Dogs

I found a pink Fluppy Puppy earlier this year too.

Winnie The Pooh & Tigger

Winnie The Pooh “Talk ‘n Wiggle” was made in 1997.


Sleepy Mickey Mouse, One Direction Teddy & A Marrow!

Mickey makes snoring noised when lain down, and yawns when sat up (I yawned too, but only because it was so boring!). I bought the One Direction teddy to go with the harry doll I found the previous week. I also found an amazing plush marrow, which reminds me of The Garden Gang books.

Egbert Bear & Zhu Zhu Pets

Egbert is from 1981. The Zhu Zhu hamster is called “Pinkie“, who squeaked in my bag all the way home.


Crazy Bones

Three little tubs containing several Crazy Bones, plus some other figures too. I took the stickers off the yellow tub as they were a bit messy.


Stimmung was not as fab as it lead me to believe, But Herb Alpert more than made up for it!