Crazypuff Pockets

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I found a selection of smaller items whilst charity shopping this week, including Powerpuff Girls, Trolls, Fifi & The Flowertots, G4 My Little Pony, Crazy Bones, Moshi Monsters, Chelsea (from Barbie), Transformers, Little Mermaid “Sebastian”, Glimmies, some boots, the front half of a Polly Pocket: Clip N Lock dress, and a G4 My Little Pony headband.

McDonalds Happy Meal Trolls

I have finally found them all!

Transformers “Arcee”

Her head and arms move.


Her belly begins to glows as the top of her head is covered over.

Fifi and the Flowertots

There was also a third figure as part of this set.

Powerpuff Girls

The ring is McDonals and the smaller figure is Kinder.

Little Mermaid “Sebastian”

He’s very small and I’ve no idea how he was sold yet!

Barbie “Chelsea Cat Fun”

Missing her skirt, shoes and cat.

Moshi Monsters, Crazy Friends & Crazy Bones

The Cyclops tomato has no markings, the green and pink one is Crazy Friends, the middle one is Moshi Monsters, the purple one is Crazy Bones, and the gold one is another Moshi Monsters.

McDonalds Happy Meal

This one is Birdie from 1995.

My Little Pony

I found three more figures from the G4 My Little Pony: The Movie ~ My Busy Books set.

I also found a G4 headband and set of skates, and what looks like a G3 Ponyville wig only it has a different inner pin so doesn’t fit them.

Polly Pocket: Clip N Lock + Unknown Boots

The dress is missing its back half. The boots are slightly too small for Barbie, and cheaply made.