Equestrian Surprise

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Wednesday’s charity shopping found me a Puppy Surprise, two Equestria Girls, twelve My Little Pony “My Busy Book” minis and four other minis, plus three MLP style keyrings and a Pokemon miniature figure!

Puppy Surprise ~ “Riley”

I found a sparkly purple puppy called Riley. Were her puppies sparkly too, I wonder?

This is Riley in her original packaging.

Equestria Girls

I found two partially dressed dolls. They had been in the charity shop for quite a while, and finally relented and bought them! Fluttershy has her original boots and top, and Twilight Sparkle has her original boots.

This is them in their original packaging.

Pokemon ~ “Oddish”

A miniature Pokemon figure from 2007.

My Little Pony ~ Minis

Packed in a little bag together with Oddish were twelve My Little Pony “My Busy Book” minis, four other minis, plus three keyrings.

The pony with the cart is “Big McIntosh” (with cart), sleeping Applejack and sitting Apple Flora are from the Friendship is Magic Collection (each sold separately). The translucent pony is Royal Riff from wave 14 blind bags.

This is how they were sold originally.