Extreme Strawberry Tracker

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I found a good handful of dolls for resale towards the end of October into November, including (amongst others) Tracker, Monster High, Winx Club and Bratz. All are for resale.

I keep finding Monster High dolls I already own of late. Hopefully I’ll find a few new ones to add to my collection soon. I also found Moxie Girlz (excellent roller skates but incorrect top and shorts), Bratz (all with shoes but no tops this time!), Winx Club (wrong dress), Disney Princess (wrong dress, most likely Sparkle Girlz) and Strawberry Shortcake (missing shoes).

I also found several small dolls including (top row, l-r) My Scene, Disney Princess, and unknown doll by Chap Mei, Animal Hospital, Bratz (included with Fashion Pixiez “Yasmin”), (bottom row, l-r) Polly Pocket and Animal Hospital (again).

Labelled incorrectly as “Action Man” in the charity shop, these figures took a little while to figure out. They are called Tracker: Outbound Ranger (Ultimate Outdoor Hero!) by Lanard, and very hard to find on the second hand market. They were sold in threes, pairs and singularly with accessories, as well as with nothing at all (the moulded ones at least).

l-r with fabric clothing: Jungle “John” Smith (Advanced Tracker) and Stryker Bowman (Advanced Tracker).

l-r with moulded clothing: Switchback Jack (Archer & Field Commander) and Capt’n Outback (Advanced Tracker). Even though Switchback Jack is described as an archer, it is Capt’n Outback who has special moulded knobs on his palms for holding the bow and arrows.

These are all the boxes images I could find when researching this set:

Advanced Tracker sets:

Jungle Extreme: Animal Trackers sets:

Wild Animal Encounter sets:

Outdoor Elements: Expedition Unit set:

Basic sets (unsure of correct set name):