Grubby Snubby Puppy

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Slim pickings at the carboot on Sundays, but I still has a few good buys! I found a large plush Pound Puppies and a large plush Snubbies, plus a few other little odds and ends in a dirty box including a mini My Little Pony and an Enchantimals pet.


When his belly is squeezed, his ears inflate and stick up. Inside his collar, I found a mini Snubbies. He really does have a massive head!

Pound Puppies

This is a Mattel 2004 pup from the Pick-Me-Ups line, which had sound and movement. Once the batteries were changed it worked well!

Various Odds & Sods

In amongst various other very grubby items, I found a single Equestria Girls boot, Enchantimals bunny (which goes with the doll if found not so long ago), a pair of doll leggings, a single trainer (possibly Ken’s), and a My Little Pony which came free with the UK MLP magazine. It all needed a good wash!