Hello Twist Lips!

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Yesterday’s charity shop goodies included a Swatch watch, three little Hello Kitty figures, a Frankenstein‘s monster keyring and five Twistheads.

SWATCH watch “Disco Vibe”

This watch is from 2007. The eight circles which make up the lips move around as the minute hand moves turning back into lips once an hour (or there abouts!).

I have two articles on SWATCH over at Retro Musings:

Swatch Watch ~ Watch Adverts [1983-1995]
These Swatch Watch ads are from 1983 to 1995.

Swatch Watch ~ Geometric Designs [1983-1993]
At the top of the page are my favourite geometric/graphic designs designs from 1983-1993. At the bottom of the page are my favourite Pop Swatch designs from 1988-1993.

Twistheads “Justice League”

I love these little Kinder Egg figures from 2017. There were eight to collect in this set.

Hello Kitty

These little plastic Hello Kitty figures came inside Kinder Surprise Maxi eggs in 2017, and each one originally had a little accessory. There were eight to collect.

Frankenstein’s Monster Keyring

I couldn’t resit him.