Hot Times With ThunderBelles

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Lasts weeks buys included lots of Hot Wheels cars, more UglyDolls, and a large naked Tinker Belle! I also found a fun M&M’s basketball sweet dispenser plus a few other fast food toys, ThunderCats and Yo-Kai Watch figures and a Popples book!

I bought this little lot of cars over various shopping trips. Most of them are Hot Wheels, are there are also a few vintage other brand cars too.

Another Disney Toddlers doll. This time it is a naked Tinker Belle! Her hair needed a bit of attention as the original styling was all over the place with some parts still stiff with hair product to hold its curl, other parts matted, and I think some trimming to the pony tail as it is a bit too short to curl it over on itself as it originally was. After a good wash, condition and brush she looks so much better, with a style now all of her own!

Several packaged fast food toys turned up again last week, including four more UglyDolls, six Spiderwick Chronicles (all doubles), Hercules, Tigger, two Bee Movie (a double), Adventure Time, and a blue fairy with CD. I also found a few loose toys too: Maggie from The Simpsons, Pokemon, Star Wars, Secret Life of Pets, The Dog, and two M&M’s toys from the late 90s.

I found a lovely Yo-Kai Watch large figure, Dora The Explorer, a robot and Hello Kitty and friends minis.

There were two modern ThunderCats action figures bundled together in the same bag (Lion-O is missing a hand, so probably why sold in a pair), and another bag contained Bob The Builder, a Postman Pat character called Ajay Bains, and an unknown figure in orange. I’m not too sure who the panda is either. I also picked up a Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heros “Drax” game figure (from Guardians of the Galaxy).

And finally, something from the eighties! The Popple’s Vacation by Peggy Kahn and Richard Max Kolding.