Lala Generation

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Lots of dolls found during September so far, included Barbie, Berenguer (La Newborn and Lil Cuties), Bratz, Disney Princess, Enchantimals, Lalaloopsy, Lil Miss, Mine to Love, Monster High and Our Generation. I also picked up a bag of dolly clothes included Barbie, Disney Princess, Sparkle Girls, and some lovely hand knitted items.

The Lil Miss doll was dressed in this dolls clothes. She is Mine to Love “Natalie”, by Melissa & Doug.

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I found a super bundle of “Lil Cuties” by Berenguer.

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I also found a BerenguerLa Newborn” baby boy doll, with original name tag and romper suit. I found a lovely hand knitted hat and cardigan to sell with him too.

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This Our GenerationPortia Hair Play” doll has really long hair, and from the back she looks like “Cousin Itt” from the Addams Family! I found her some OG clothes which I bought a couple of weeks back.

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Mini toddler doll Anna from Frozen needs a little repair on her dress but has lovely hair. The fabric they used to make Disney clothes from frays so easily. Rapunzel was wearing a Sparkle Girlz dress, but I realised I had her exact skirt in my box of bits! I found Tinkerbell‘s dress in the bag of dolls clothes I bough along with her, and she now looks super cute! I’ve not came across a doll like the mini toddler Princess Tiana before, who has jointed knees. Shame she’s missing one sock and shoe.

Not sure how I will be selling these yet, but probably in various bundles.

I found two Barbie dolls (Dream Horse and Potty Trainin’ Pup), plus five “Genuine” items of clothing (and one shoe). I love the pink coat and floral dress.

Not sure how I will be selling these yet.

The nude MLP Equestria Girls doll was bagged up in with lots of other items, but sadly no clothes. Her hair is really lovely, which makes up for it! Bratz “Snow Kissed Cloe” has her original top and leggings, but no boots. Monster High: Freak Du ChicToralei Stripe” was a present for my ever growing collection. I think this is the first Enchantimals doll I have found with shoes! She is called “Bren Bear“.

Equestria Girls and Bratz are for resale, the other two are mine!

Lots of Lalaloopsy dolls to add to my shelf! Or at least I will when I have made some room…

I’ve never owned a Lil Miss before, but recognised here face even under the imminence amount of hand knitted clothing she was wearing, and looked like she was about to go exploring in Antarctica! She’s brushed up lovely and will keep her for a while rather than selling on right away.

I need to identify almost all of the fashion doll sized clothes below. Some are Disney Princess, some I suspect are Sparkle Girlz, and others I have no idea about. The hand knitted items are really lovely.

One of the Barbie’s was dressed in a bride’s dress, which I think is also handmade. It’s far too big for Barbie in both width and length, so tried it on my Monster High Frightfully Tall Ghouls Frankie Stein. It’s loose around the chest for her too, but is just the right length and she now looks like a Zombie Bride!