Mr T’s Little Tickle

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I came home with sack full of toys from last weeks charity shop expedition, plus had a few carboot finds too. In fact, there were so many little toys I couldn’t fit them all on the table to photograph together!

I found a few dolls (including Novia Stars and Mr T), lots of fast food toys, several different figures (including Fabuland and Littlest Pet Shop) and a few plushies (including another Boohbah hot water bottle cover). I also found a well read six pack of Paddington Bear books and four My Little Pony (forgot to add them into the group shot)!

My Little Pony

I had so many toys I forgot to add these four girls to the group picture! There was a basket and bag of ponies in one of the charity shop windows and inside were several pen stained G4’s, some fakies and two G1 ponies hidden at the bottom! I even found a G1 sun hat.

Paddington Bear’s Box

The back is missing to the containing box, but the books are in OK condition. There is a Cadbury’s Double Decker sticker on the front! They are all late 70’s prints.

The books inside are:

  • A Bear Called Paddington
  • More About Paddington
  • Paddington At Large
  • Paddington Marches On
  • Paddington At Work
  • Paddington Goes To Town

Fast Food Toys

Most of these toys will be added to my shop. They are mostly McDonald’s, with one Burger King and one Kinder toy.


I found a more recent incarnation of the Tickle Me Elmo (from 2017), but much prefer the original version which I think has a cuter voice). I also found a pink Boohbah hot water bottle at the carboot (I found an orange one a few months back). I also found a Monsters Inc. “Sully”, a rainbow pig by Ross Baker (no brand name that I can find), PJ Masks, Hush Puppies and a Furby.


I found quite a varied selection of dolls, my best find being a Novi Stars doll! Her hair was a mess, which I have now restyled, and she’s missing all her clothing which is a shame. In fact, nearly all the dolls were naked with mad hair (now tamed)!

l-r top: Novi Stars “Frostina Sprinkles”, Moxie Girlz – Magic Hair Bendy Braids “Avery, Barbie Superhero & Bratzillaz – House of Witchez “Jade J’Adore” (budget line).

l-r bottom: Rosie’s World, a Steffi Love baby, a hatless Cupcake Surprise mini, Evi Love, more Rosie’s World & Sparkle Girlz.

The Novi Stars doll was wearing the tea cup dress, which belongs to Ever After High: Getting Fairest “Madeline Hatter”, and the Moxie Girlz doll had the yellow top on (which belongs to MG: Basic “Avery”). The pink moon bag is a very light plastic.


I came home with quite a selection of little figures! Whilst rummaging through a big basket of toys in one charity shop I found half a Bratz doll, and on searching the depths for the rest of her body excitingly came across Mr T and Clawful (from He-Man) action figures from the early 80s! I also found four fabulous Fabuland figures in a little bag bundled up with some other tiny figures.