Powerpuff Girls “Best Friends” Talking Robotic Doll

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I had the most excellent find in one of the charity shops in town when I popped out for milk: a super rare MIB Powerpuff Girls “Best Friends” Buttercup animated talking doll!

The box is a bit bent but the doll is in excellent condition and the batteries even still work. She has her original tag too. They were produced by Trendmasters in 2001.

“Magic motion! I blink, talk and look around!”

She has a few different eye expressions and says several phrases when the button on her belly is pressed.

There were three dolls made, one for each of the girls. I doubt very much I will ever find another one of these in a charity shop, and when they do come up on eBay they sell for a small fortune. I shall have to be content with just Buttercup!

This is what Blossom and Bubbles look like:

“Try me! Push Buttercup’s tummy for sound and motion!”