Puppy In My Face Bag

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Just three items found on my mid-week charity browse, including Puppy Surprise, Palace Pets and a cute face bag.

Disney Princess: Palace Pets – Ariel’s kitty “Treasure”

Cost: £1.00

This is the second Palace Pet I have found from their Talking & Singing Pets line. It still works but is missing its crown. She originally came with a brush too.

Puppy Surprise

Cost: £0.10

I found a second little Puppy Surprise baby from the modern re-issue by Just Play. It has different face patches from the other puppy (which was also pink).

Cute Girls Face Bag

I couldn’t resists this vinyl handbag, although you can’t fit very much inside her head! The only information on it is “Think Pink Everywhere”, but I haven’t been able to find out anything about it.

Cost: £0.50